Oppo A5S – Give Me Two Reasons to Buy One

The Oppo A5S is launched in China and is the cheapest smartphone launched till date. It comes with Windows Mobile OS 3.5 installed on it. It runs on quad core 1 GHz processor and also features a dual camera with one at the back and another on the front.

The Oppo A5S comes with Android interface oppo a5s which is smooth and very simple to use. The phone comes with its own data storage, video support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi support, FM radio and GPS. This phone also comes with a colorOS 5.2 and a nice home button which makes it very easy to use. The Oppo A5S comes with a large 6.2- inch screen with a water drop notch.

With its high-end technology and advanced hardware, the Oppo A5S is a complete mobile device. It comes with a powerful dual camera as well as a good video recording camera. It also has a nice LCD HD screen that is very bright and has good color reproduction. There are many models of this smartphone that has built in memory card. You can add more apps to your existing one to increase its memory capacity.

The battery life of this smartphone is very long. It runs for several hours without giving you a single recharging. It gives you an excellent immersive display to browse the internet, chat with friends or do other tasks while you are on the go. Many people like this smartphone because of its impressive features and its impressive battery. You can buy the Oppo A5S from many online stores at affordable prices.

The price of this smartphone is quite reasonable. If you compare it with other smartphones in the market, you will certainly find out that the Oppo A5S is much cheaper than them. Another great thing about this smartphone is that you can download any image or picture you like to your desktop. You can also download a lot of apps to make your life easier and have more features on your phone. You can enjoy the internet with ease with the help of the internet browser of your smartphone. There are plenty of web browsers in the market that provides you comfort while browsing the web but not all browsers are compatible with this handset.

The Oppo A5S comes with an eight megapixel camera which is one of the best cameras in this budget class. The camera of this handset is compatible with many professional grade cameras. The resolution of the camera is really good at f/1.8 and the contrast is great. The colorOS and the support for Microsoft windows operating system along with HTC Sense gives you a good opportunity to enjoy downloading and enjoying the hi-tech mobile.